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10 Freelance Writing Tips

Freelance writers have long been known for their knack for words and the flexibility of their schedules, but what’s the secret to their success? What is the key to providing top notch article writing services? The answer isn’t a one-size fits all, but the following tips will help anyone on their freelance writing journey.

1. Find your Niche

When you are first starting as a freelance writer the idea of writing about insurance claims, legal statutes, and medical articles, can seem daunting–so it’s vital to find your niche. What do you enjoy writing about? What can you write about without looking up information on the internet? Usually, this will lead you to your specialty in writing. It’s important to know your niche before you begin offering your services in content writing so you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

2. Start Small

Many experienced freelance writers can set their own desired rate per hour or per word, but when you’re trying to “break in” the business it’s important to start small. Research the average pay for an entry level freelance writer. Usually, the median wage for an entry level freelance writer is a good place to start. Don’t despise small beginnings. As you build your reputation as a writer, you will steadily build your income too.

3. Set Boundaries

The temptation to take on every content writing job can propel a freelancer into a frenzy of stress which produces low quality writing. Set your boundaries from the get-go. “Know thyself” should be a trademark for every freelance writer. When you are first starting out, take it one project at a time. Many experienced freelance writers will provide article writing services to multiple clients at a time. This is a learned skill and one that comes with years of experience.

4. Try New Things

As a freelancer, content writing encompasses a vast variety of subjects. And although it’s important to find your niche, it’s also crucial that you try your hand at writing on unfamiliar topics. Set aside some time in your schedule to free-write about a topic that you want to know more about. From there, begin to practice writing about different content that normally wouldn’t be in your repertoire. As you gain more experience in offering article writing services, you will need to expand your horizons beyond your niche and write about topics that you may find challenging and intricate.

5. Do Your Research

Quite possibly, one of the most important tips for a freelance writer is to do adequate research before writing. Article writing can be time consuming but even more so if proper research is not conducted beforehand. When presented with a new topic, it is vital that you find out basic facts, statistics, and even definitions of certain terms. This will help you brainstorm your content for the article. As you gain more experience writing on a plethora of topics, the less time-consuming researching and writing will become. Research is the backbone of any successfully written article.

6. Read

Reading has long been said to boost writing skills and the more you read as a freelance writer, the more you’ll find your content evolving and developing. Spend your free time reading materials that help you build your knowledge of topics, but also help you learn the aesthetics of writing. Keep an eye out for how articles are formatted, how journals are split into sections and headings. The little things add up to be the big things as a freelance writer.

7. Check Your Work

Providing article writing services can be time consuming and many writers can feel the burn of completing their work before a deadline hits. This creates the urge to skip the most important part--proofreading! Always check your work. Even the most experienced writers are still prey to the pitfalls of spelling and grammar inaccuracy. Use the spell-check function on your device and triple check after. There’s nothing worse than trusting technology to produce perfection. Freelance writing is flexible, but it is a professional endeavor and one that requires attention to details.

8. Use the Thesaurus

It may be elementary but using a thesaurus will boost your writing to a new level. SEO writing requires that certain phrases and words be repeated, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of your article should be redundant. Reusing the same words often leads to monotonous writing. As a freelance writer a thesaurus can quickly become your go-to tool of the trade.

9. Be Aware of Scams

Freelance writing allows you the opportunity to interact with many different people worldwide. That being said, there are bad apples in every bunch–even in the freelance writing space. Article writing for income is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a steady effort over time that produces success. There are many scammers on freelance writing platforms so it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for clients that are offering tremendous income. Ask as many questions as you need to feel confident in accepting an offer.

10. Communicate

Communicating with clients in a timely manner will give you a positive reputation as a freelancer. Ask questions and give honest answers. Accept feedback and grow from the work your clients offer. This will require you to have access to your phone or computer often throughout the day. More communication equals less confusion and more results, sometimes even more project offers.

Freelance writing can be fun, but it takes work and growth. As you follow these 10 tips for freelance writing, you will be well on your way to offering article writing services for the masses.

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